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A unique resource for the recording industry

We’ve done it all, from music recording and retail sales to award-winning world-class studio builds and system integration around the globe. Our extensive experience in all things pro audio makes us uniquely positioned to serve the retail arm of the industry in ways no other distributor can. The lines we carry are carefully selected to offer Pro Audio/MI retailers products that give your customers the ultimate in bang for the buck. Not just a distributor, we take a hands-on approach, working with you every step of the way to increase customer satisfaction and reduce buyer’s remorse, while offering high-quality performance at great savings—the Holy Grail of customer retention.

Found in the studios of multiple Grammy winners such as Rafa Sardina, Rik Simpson, and Dave Pensado, TEC Award-winning Augspurger® monitors represent the epitome of loudspeaker design.

Sontronics offers an extensive line of purpose-built microphones with unique styling that offer industry-standard performance at low prices.

Using comprehensive computer modeling, Jocavi produces highly effective acoustic treatments and custom panels that fit all budgets and interior design requirements.

Studio Float Isorafts give you the ability to eliminate sound and noise transmission by floating all six surfaces of your room.